Brandi H. Profile Thumb

Brandi H.

11 days ago

Great location and community overshadows the horrible living conditions. If you are one who requires beauty and elegance in your living space they may not be for you. You get what you pay for. Can't complain for the price.G

Catherine D. Profile Thumb

Catherine D.

11 days ago

Quiet neighborhood and convenient location. I like the air conditioning unit in my unit. Residents near my unit make noises all the time. Another resident was littering the ground at night. Those can be worked on.

Matt S. Profile Thumb

Matt S.

13 days ago

I like the meridian a lot. There are a plethora of perks coinciding with an absolutely perfect business plan. The facilities are always clean as well.

Maria F. Profile Thumb

Maria F.

14 days ago

The meridian has been very helpful with anything needed, apartment is always clean and my roommate and i have been very happy. Definitely deserves 5 stars

Jamie G. Profile Thumb

Jamie G.

15 days ago

The staff is nice and helpful. There is a lot of room for improvement regarding the cleanliness of the apartments. (I.e. carpets are a main one!!!)

Julian L. Profile Thumb

Julian L.

19 days ago

Although moving into the Meridian had a rough start, I've started to love my experience here. It took a while to get some of the things that came with the apartment, like cable and Internet, but once it was done, I made it my home!

Joanna T. Profile Thumb

Joanna T.

19 days ago

It’s a Great quiet place just some of the dog owners don’t know how to control them. The office assistants are very helpful also. And the pool and the gym is open 24/7 THATS AWESOME! 😃