Alexis O. Profile Thumb

Alexis O.

10 hours ago

Overall the housing complex is great, all the rooms are big and clean but management can be unhelpful. In our unit the fire alarm went off every morning at 3:30 for 3 weeks before managament fixed it and they still have yet to give us our mailbox keys

Kadashae W. Profile Thumb

Kadashae W.

11 hours ago

The Meridian isn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. The neighborhood is quiet, maintenance is fairly quick with my requests, and you can’t beat the price! Overall, So far, so good!

Jennifer P. Profile Thumb

Jennifer P.

3 days ago

Doug our maintenance man has been such a great help! He is extremely quick to come help solve our issues and show us tricks on how to fix things in the future.

Akeila R. Profile Thumb

Akeila R.

3 days ago

I love it here. The transition was really smooth, and the staff here are very helpful. They really do try the best they can. I wish there was more people in maintenance but I guess that’s okay too. I once had a problem with my room but it got fixed in literally 10 minutes when I told them about it. Overall the Meridian is a quiet and calm complex with plenty of parking spaces. Anyone would be lucky to be here!

Laeticia C. Profile Thumb

Laeticia C.

5 days ago

This place is actually great ..close to everything I need and the staff is very friendly and nice the only thing is I wish the pool was cleaned more often but other then that it’s a great place

Aime T. Profile Thumb

Aime T.

5 days ago

I wish management would be more attentive, but other than that the place is neat and clean. I love that it’s newer. I have heard a lot of bad things here but personally, I have not had a bad experience yet. It wasn’t great when I moved in and they didn’t have my key ready though...

Shannon P. Profile Thumb

Shannon P.

6 days ago

For the most part the community is good, there were some minor issues with my actual apartment such as leaking water and no electricity but they were fixed within 3 days. The only thing that wasn’t fixed was my dryer which still doesn’t work quite right. The locations great though.

Tyler R. Profile Thumb

Tyler R.

7 days ago

Amazing. I love everything about this wonderful place. I want to live here forever and ever and ever and ever.Hey it's Boris again, just have some updates about the mixer. It's happening Friday the 13 (spooky right.) starting at 7pm and ends when the last people decide to leave. Like I've mentioned it's an open bar with a bartender (myself). There will be non-alcoholic drinks as well, this is a stress free environment please don't feel like you have to drink, however, us heavy drinkers will gladly carry your loan. It's geared for meeting new people. It's a small apartment and everyone I spoked to has indicated they want to come. >>Please snap/text/Reddit me if you are coming. Also, please let me know how many people are coming. << FAQ A) What do you need? 1) Foldable chairs and foldable table. (beer bong) 2) I have plenty of White Claw, my rum supply is at 3/4 capacity and I'm out of vodka. 3) Cuban Coffee Rum 4) I'm still looking for decorations if you have color lights or some cool signage hmu. B) where's the location? 1)It's vital that I know whose coming because it will determine my prep work. A lot of times when hosting a party I run into people say they are going but end up not going. So this is an update and a roll call. I've already compiled small excel sheet so I roughly know who you are already. 2) Thursday night I'm do a final roll call to make sure if anything chanegd and that is when I'll give you the address. I'm mostly doing this so my location isn't so widely available/I get better grasp on whose going. 3) I'm located on 615 St Augustine street If you need ride hmu. C) What drinks will you have? Bar inventory 1)3 cases of WhiteClaw 2) Malibu coconut rum 3) half gold Bacardi 4) Diplomatico rum (fancy rum) 5) I'm get Popov vodka if no one brings Drinks I will be making at Henry Ford level. Caribbean pineapple Coconut orange Malibu Barbie Malibu heaven Ginger rum Cuban Coffee (maybe) Dirty Shirely Temples Home recipes Tea shots, and Mint Hansel.